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Electric Automatic Milk Frother with Hot or Cold Milk Function

This all-in-one milk frother helps you warm milk, coffees, hot cocoas and any other drinks you desire.


This electric milk steamer features duo whisks. One whisk is for creating steamed milk which is hot milk. Another whisk is for creating frothy milk. The milk is highly whisked until it is very foamy. With frothing whisk (the latter one), you can choose whether heat the milk or not. So there are 3 modes in total for you! You can drink hot milk in a cold morning and a cup of cold coffee with milk foam on a summer’s day. What's more, vacuum insulation helps maintain temperature and reduce noise. With the detachable base, it is easy to carry the milk frother wherever you want to pour your milk.


Full instructions and all accessories are included. Just waiting for your purchase!


Brand new and high quality
Detachable base for free carrying and convenient pouring
LED lights indicating the status of heating or frothing cold or hot milk
Non-slip silicone feet on the base for safe operation
Vacuum insulation system keeps milk warm and airy
Non-stick coating interior offers smooth functionality, easy cleaning and simple maintenance
2 simple press buttons to heat and make milk foam in minutes
It includes kettle container with lid, froth attachment, whisk attachment and heating plate base


Product size: 6" x 4.5" x 7.5" (L x W x H)
Rated voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz
Rated power: 500 W
Capacity: Frothing 5.1 oz/150 ml/Heating 10.2 oz/300 ml


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